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This first version of the database allows the user to access and navigate the dataset published in Jeronimo et al., 2007. The next version is expected mid-December.

Jeronimo, C., Forget, D., Bouchard, A., Li, Q., Chua, G., Poitras, C., Thérien, C., Bergeron, D., Bourassa, S., Greenblatt, J., Chabot, B., Poirier, G., Hughes, T. R., Blanchette, M., Price, D. and Coulombe, B. (2007) Systematic analysis of the protein interaction network for the human transcription machinery reveals the identity of the 7SK capping enzyme. Mol. Cell 27, 262-274

Molecular Cell Cover Page


We have performed a survey of soluble human protein complexes containing components of the transcription and RNA processing machineries using protein affinity purification coupled to mass spectrometry. Thirty-two tagged polypeptides yielded a network of 805 high-confidence interactions. Remarkably, the network is significantly enriched in proteins that regulate the formation of protein complexes, including a number of previously uncharacterized proteins for which we have inferred functions. The RNA polymerase II (RNAP II)-associated proteins (RPAPs) are physically and functionally associated with RNAP II, forming an interface between the enzyme and chaperone/scaffolding proteins. BCDIN3 is the 7SK snRNA methylphosphate capping enzyme (MePCE) present in an snRNP complex containing both RNA processing and transcription factors, including the elongation factor P-TEFb. Our results define a high-density protein interaction network for the mammalian transcription machinery and uncover multiple regulatory factors that target the transcription machinery.